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GK2705  Table Pc
Ref: GK2705

Product Name: Table Pc

Material: CPU: Intel Baytrail-T(Quad core),Z3740D, 1.33Ghz-1.8GHz OS: Windows 8.1/Android4.2.2 Screen: 8"IPS 1280x800 ,multi-touch screen RAM: DDR3 2GB Flash:32GB/64GB/128GB WIFI/BT 4.0/Built-in 3G MiNi USB switch to Ethernet Network Camera: Front 2.0M pixels,Rear 2.0M pixels/5.0M pixels I/O: Memory card socket, USB, Headphone jack ,DC jack, HDMI, Keyboard and Mouse(Wired/Wireless Supportive) Battery: 3.7V/4700mAH Adapter: 9V/2A Dimensions: 203.5mm*121mm*9.5mm

Size: 203.5mm*121mm*9.5mm

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